National XC Rnd 2, RESULTS

Posted: Sat 25 Nov 2023

Rnd 3, 10th Dec, ENTER ONLINE HERE

    Reasons to enter online rather than on the day.
  • Speeds things up on the day, for everyone.
  • Less standing in line
  • No need to worry about bringing cash
  • Make sure you get YOUR bike number
  • Much easier for John if he can have most entries into system before the day (this is a biggie :-)
  • You get to see who else is entered.
  • Refunds, if needed, painless.

Run in conjunction with GNCC Rnd 4, see GNCC Rnd 4 Results for all entries.

JUNIOR, By Grade
JUNIOR, By Class
JUNIOR, Laptimes

SENIOR Laptimes

TEAMS, Junior, by Placing
TEAMS, Junior, by Laps

TEAMS, Senior, by Placing
TEAMS, Senior, by Laps

SERIES, Junior
SERIES, Junior By Class

SERIES, Senior
SERIES, Senior By Class

SERIES, TEAMS, Junior, By Placing
SERIES, TEAMS, Junior, By Laps
SERIES, TEAMS, Senior, By Placing
SERIES, TEAMS, Senior, By Laps