Scott 6 Hour for Everyone

Posted: Tue 27 Feb 2018

The Scott 6 Hr is almost upon us. This coming Saturday 3rd March at Burts Farm, Matata. The weather forecast is for some showers Thursday and Friday morning and fine for Friday arvo and all of Saturday. Perfect conditions for Matata which needs a little moisture to keep the dust down but not too much to make it sloppy. So it will be all go.

The classes have changed slightly this year to make it simple:

  • Youth (Up to 19 Yrs)
  • Big Bore (Over 200cc 2T & 300cc 4T)
  • Small Bore (Under 200cc 2T & 300cc 4T)
  • Vets (Combined age over 80 Yrs)
  • Mixed (Male/Female)
  • Women (All In)
  • Ironman (All In)
  • Ironwoman (All In)

Cost for the Scott 6 Hr is: $130 for Teams and $70 for Ironman

The tracks are being groomed to the amazing high standard that Burts Farm is known for.

ENTRY on the day and as the race starts 9 am sharp, be there in time to sign on and get ready. We can’t delay the start on this one.

RUMOUR: It has been relayed that Ben Townley himself will be racing and paring up with a female racer. Great Stuff.

Those who remember way back will know that Shayne Kind and Chris Power won the first 6 Hr.

For the Teams, there will be a requirement that each rider rides at least 30% of the laps rounded down.

We expect there will be about 10 laps – here is the formula:

  • 8 laps – each rider has to complete 2 laps minimum
  • 9 laps – each rider has to complete 3 laps minimum
  • 10 laps – each rider has to complete 3 laps minimum
  • 11 laps – each rider has to complete 3 laps minimum
  • 12 laps – each rider has to complete 4 laps minimum
  • 13 laps – each rider has to complete 4 laps minimum

Our suggestion is get your minimum laps in early so your fastest rider can double up towards the end of the 6 hrs.

This may be our last 6 Hr. in any case, this is the only North Island 6 Hr still running. So get along to an iconic event and enjoy the company of your mates.

Trophies to 3rd in each of the above classes plus the Overall which everyone is eligible for.

SCOTT is fronting up with product prizes which will be a spot prize draw for all those at Prize Giving. If you are not there personally you don’t get any prizes. Scott also sponsors the BBQ meal at the end of the racing.

CASTROL is providing product for every entrant. AT an average of $20 per item you get a big part of your entry back.

Call Greg on 0274454429 for any information.