Romaniacs Day 1 RESULTS

Posted: Fri 18 Jul 2014

DAY 1 Official Results

GOLD (33 entrants)
POSBIKE #NameTime hh:mm:ss
6th5Chris Birch4:36:59
13th30Mike Skinner5:48:37
18th17Phillip Cheater7:10:40
SILVER (73 entrants)
POSBIKE #NameTime hh:mm:ss
1st100Kevin Archer5:00:52
2nd105Greg Delautour5:03:33
4th116Dougy Herbert5:29:51
17th111Mark Delautour7:44:28
SILVER TEAM (23 entrants)
POSBIKE #NameTime hh:mm:ss
2nd202Sean Clarke/Mark Newton6:30:58
BRONZE (168 entrants)
POSBIKE #NameTime hh:mm:ss
4th404Taylor Grey3:26:25
12th406Mark Haimes3:43:57
21st453Dean Peters3:58:59
27th405Tony Grey4:03:41
49th393Philip Skinner4:26:34
53rd323Grant Herbert4:32:02
78th375Nick Lines5:13:25

Romaniacs Press Release

Dougy Herbert had this to say:
"Light drizzle this morning, made for a wet 'sheep grass' feel back in NZ - quite a few riders like the Aussie's struggle with those conditions.
Some gnarly uphills and downhills for both the gold and silver classes.
One ascent, over a vertical kilometre, broke a few riders.
Bronze guys had an easier run."