Red Bull Romaniacs, Prologue Time Trial

Posted: Wed 16 Jul 2014

Time Trials Qualification

GOLD (33 entrants)
POSBIKE #NameTime mm:ss.hh
2nd6Chris Birch01:28.57
15th30Mike Skinner01:46.06
24th17Phillip Cheater02:05.89
SILVER (73 entrants)
POSBIKE #NameTime mm:ss.hh
2nd100Kevin Archer02:06.31
4th105Greg Delautour02:07.60
18th116Dougy Herbert02:38.15
37th111Mark Delautour03:29.07
SILVER TEAM (23 entrants)
POSBIKE #NameTime mm:ss.hh
2nd202Sean Clarke02:23.36
8th203Mark Newton03:10.13
BRONZE (168 entrants)
POSBIKE #NameTime mm:ss.hh
2nd404Taylor Grey02:39.84
12th453Dean Peters03:29.48
33rd406Mark Haimes04:30.29
34th405Tony Grey04:30.36
37th393Philip Skinner04:37.09
69th323Grant Herbert05:29.50
108th375Nick Lines07:12.90

Results from THE TOP 35 at 6pm:
SILVER - 1st - Greg Delautour
SILVER TEAM - 2nd - Sean Clarke
BRONZE SINGLE - 2nd - Taylor Grey

Dougy Herbert had this to say:
"Track was a lot tamer than last year, with no container high jumps. Still really technical.
Hardest bits being the Sibiu log layout and the 4 roof tops ( triangles spaced around 2500mm apart )
Everyone fairly injury free, which is the main thing."

What class would you be riding?