No Way in Hell - Rules and Regs

Posted: Thu 10 Apr 2014

There's still time to enter New Zealand's #1 Off Road Extreme Event, held out at Oparau. It will be the fifth running of the No Way In Hell Extreme Enduro.

No way In Hell Extreme Enduro 2014
Rules and Regulations and Instructions
Race Schedule
Sunday 20th April

Sign on 12-1.30pm
John & Fiona Scott’s
1333 Hauturu Rd. Oparau
Sign posted from the Kawhia Hi way 31

Prologue 2pm

The prologue will take place near the start area. The course will be about 3ks long which will take about 4-5mins to complete.

Prologue Start

The start of the prologue will be standing behind your bikes shotgun start.

Prologue Race length

The prologue race will be six laps long for all classes

The prologue will decide the start order for the main event the following day and the rider’s time from the prologue will be added to the main event the following day.

If you are unable to make the prologue you may still ride the main event on the Sunday but you will incur a time penalty of the slowest time in your class from the prologue plus 10 minutes.

Monday 21st April
No Way In Hell Extreme Enduro main event

8:30am. The first 10 riders start at 1 minute intervals, then from 10th onwards every 30 seconds

The Course

  • The course for this year’s event will be one big loop of about 75ks that will be the main clubman track.
  • There will be multiple expert and pro deviations off the main clubman course.
  • The deviations will be sign posted with letters for each class, P for Pro, E for Expert and C for Clubman.

Time Checks

  • There will be 2 time checks for clubman riders and 3 time check for expert and pro riders.
  • At all-time checks there will be a compulsory stop of 10 minutes for each rider.
  • This will also be the fuel stops.
  • Outside assistance is allowed at the fuel check points.


Pro, Expert and Clubmen classes will need 1 fuel tin that will be transported to the fuel stop for them.

Race time

  • Maximum race time will be between 6 and 7 hours depending on the weather.
  • Time limits will be set for each of the time checks and if you don’t make it by the set time you will be out of the event, for example the first section is 26ks and the maximum time that riders will be allowed is 3 hours but these times will be set closer to the day.
  • To be classed as a finisher in the event riders must complete 60% of the course.


    Time penalties will be enforced for the following,
  • Any parts are allowed to be changed on your motorcycle except for the frame, changing the motorcycle during the event, Exclusion
  • Missing a section for your class, 1 hour
  • Missing more than 1 section for your class, Exclusion
  • Failure to complete the course, Exclusion
  • Failure to follow the marked course, Exclusion
  • Failure to complete one lap of the prologue, slowest time in your class plus 10 minutes
  • Refuelling away from fuel stops, Exclusion

Results and Prize giving

  • Only Pro riders are eligible for the overall win.
  • Results will be for each class on the day and product prizes will be awarded to 3rd place in each class.
  • Trophies will also be awarded for the KTM Extreme series to 3rd place in each class at the end of the event.

Once all the riders have finished there will be a meal and this will be followed by the prize giving.

So come along and have a great weekend.