Bruce & Bai Cup Trials Report

Posted: Fri 14 Mar 2014

MOMCC Moto-Trials Report 9/3/2014

Andy and Andrew did a great job of setting this Trial – an AA rated job or better I would say. Some new sections and interesting twists on the traditional sections kept things challenging.

Great to see some new faces along including Mark Kernan from Palmy. The “Junior team” is progressing in leaps and bounds. AJ Wheatley having a practise after the trial and mastering a section! Callums score getting better with every ride.

We have good competition in all grades (see the results!) although a little light in A grade. Nice to have Nigel along to keep Kevin focused. He was "asking for it" when he turned up after the trial in his Toed shoes

A few breakdowns were unfortunate however we can all learn from these. If you have any problems please ask around – other riders may have a solution. Mark's brake problem possibly had a 5 minute fix and Andrew didn’t think "quick start" was beneficial to Hondas. If only I had listened to him he may not have beaten me

Hannah has risen to the dizzy heights of Clubman and doing a pretty good job of it – won’t be long before she is showing us all a clean pair of heals.

Results from Bruce and Bai Cup