Crazy Cross & Root 100 Kick Off New Year at The Farm

Posted: Tue 18 Dec 2012

Feel like some extra practice before the final 2 rounds of the “KTM Extreme Enduro Series”, Come to sunny Northland in the new year for a holiday where Bike Park at The Farm is holding its annual new year’s motorcycle events. On Friday the 4th Jan is the Crazy Cross, a mix of Moto Cross, Enduro Cross and Cross country. This is a fun event designed to give riders a variety of different riding, and spectators some entertainment. (For more info click here)

The Root 100 is like the Tarawera 100 used to be. A mix of open and tight, some bulldozed tracks but the emphasis is on medium to tight single trail, steep up and down hills, creeks, bogs, logs etc. Probably suits Enduro/Cross country riders over the MX riders style of riding. Long, demanding, physical, a real test for man and machine. Last year only 2 riders went the full distance. For the last 2 years Rory Mead has been the master of this event and taken both prizes, (with Mitchell Nield coming second) Have you got what it takes to topple him? (For more info click here)