Polaris PR:

Posted: Thu 08 Apr 2004


New Zealanders are about to hear a lot more from Polaris, the specialist U.S. brand of ATV, Ranger, personal watercraft, recreational utilities and snowmobiles.

Polaris is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a lift in the line-up it brings here; a line-up featuring a range of models to suit different users.

“We’ve been in New Zealand for several years now, gradually building a presence, refining our dealer network and identifying the perfect models for kiwi terrain and use, which is unique in some cases,” explained Marketing and Sales Operations Manager Stephen Harvey.
“Now Polaris is undergoing a worldwide expansion as it enters its second half-century and we have some exciting new introductions in the pipeline.
“New Zealand is clearly ready for a specialised range of ATV and PWC products tailored to the needs and desires of different riders and users,” he said.

Sometimes known as a quad or four-wheeled bike, the All Terrain Vehicle has become almost essential on New Zealand farms. But Mr Harvey says riders are looking for more.
“Kiwis know there are specialised ATV models nowadays for the farm, for other workplaces … and especially for fun recreational riding at the weekend for individuals and families.
“Similarly our range of personal watercraft meets a host of family fun and transport uses.”

Mr Harvey says each Polaris model is carefully designed and built to meet a specific purpose. “These are not just make-do models where weekenders ride an adapted farm bike or try to puddle along on a banzai race machine. “We live up to our marketing promise: The Way Out,” he said. “ For almost 50 years, Polaris has been making machines that not only take you out there, they offer you a way out …a break from the routine, an escape from the ordinary, a moment of freedom.

In New Zealand Polaris sells specialised ATV models for use by weekend fun riders and all-out racers, contractors, horticulture and vineyards, local bodies, hunters and fishermen, as well as the traditional farmers.

“Many people don’t realise the ATV is a uniquely American product,” comments Stephen Harvey. “The Japanese still build most of their models in the States.”
“Polaris built its first ATV in 1982 and has brought more firsts to the ATV market than all other brands combined,” he said.

Polaris models have been named ATV of the Year the past three years by ATV Magazine, the world’s leading industry publication.

The brand’s latest MSX model was recently named Watercraft of the Year by similar publishing leader Watercraft World for its innovation, market appeal and industry impact key factors.

Additionally Polaris is the world’s largest snowmobile manufacturer and markets a small number in New Zealand.

Polaris has dealers the length of New Zealand, part of a worldwide network covering 126 countries with more than 50 distributors and five subsidiaries. Polaris Sales Australia & New Zealand is a fully owned subsidiary of Polaris Industries, which totally designs, engineers, manufactures and markets its own machines.

The company has come a long way in 50 years, from a humble farm shed in Minnesota where it took its name from the north star. Now Polaris is a $US1.6 billion company listed on the New York Stock Exchange and noted as a Fortune 500 Company.