They're Off - Soon:

Posted: Thu 08 Apr 2004

Hi Bill.
The A4DE team is all intact at this point in time and meet up at Akld.Airport 4.30 am Monday morning (so much for the holiday sleep -in). They will have a very busy couple of days to walk tests and prepare the bikes for Wednesday scrutineering. Most of the guys have arranged bikes over there and these can\'t be picked up until Tuesday morning due to the Easter Holiday, so Tuesday is going to be very busy !
The days look like being very long - 300 km.on the Third Day and even 100km on the last day before the final MX. There are nearly 300 riders entered.
I have forwarded your request for media reports to Monica, Chris Birch\'s girlfriend, who may be able to perfom that duty if she can get internet or E Mail access. I am sure that Monica will do her best to send you through reports if she is able to.
Trevor Power as Team Manager has arranged Team Kiwi T shirts for everybody which is great.
Many thanks for the good wishes.
Peter Birch