Jerez - Day 2:

Posted: Fri 02 Apr 2004

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Yes it’s not much of productive day. It’s pissing down with rain again. I think it’s raining harder here though then it was in Barcelona. However, yesterday was a good day. It sprinkled a bit in the morning but towards mid-day the sun came thru and the temperature rose as well. Not too much, but it was far more of a productive day than now. A few riders went out today along with all the Suzuki riders. But the rain kept coming down and they decided it wasn’t worth wasting time out there as they found what they wanted and were satisfied with the results of the previous day. The track is extremely wet and I wouldn’t doubt it if the track along with the paddock gets flooded. John said he didn’t want to risk getting injured again by doing anything stupid in the rain and apparently Nicky high sided due the wet weather, but I don’t think he got hurt. Again, mother nature is giving attitude.

So as far as yesterday goes, it was good day indeed. The morale of the team was high and it seems things are starting to come together so it was definitely a positive outlook. All Americans seem to be doing well, and Valentino is on top again. It’s kind of refreshing to not see Honda 1-2-3, but surprisingly to not see the Ducatis on top. Rumour has it their new bikes aren’t as good as last years, but I wouldn’t put it past them that they will come around very soon. We know it’s not Loris and Troy slacking, but that’s why we’re here, testing. How much of that gossip is true, I don’t know. We’re all just pleased to see two Suzuki’s in the top 10, woo-hoo!!!! John wasn’t too worried about going out there and getting a good time, he just wanted to be completely comfortable with the bike. When you feel good on the bike, “things are happening.”

Gregorio, the test rider, is throwing in his expertise too so the team is getting valuable feedback from all the riders. From the morale of the team and the way things look, I think this year is going to be good, but I’m not going to count chickens before they hatch. Fingers crossed. I’m under the impression they’re all fairly pleased with overall results of IRTA testing. Yesterday was the best yet.

Kawasaki seemed to have made some improvements \'cause Shinya and Alex are doing pretty good, keeping in the top 12. Another rider that seems to be doing well even though I don’t know much about him is Neil Hodgson. I only know him from WSBK, but I’m eager to see what he has in store this year, I’m anxious for the first race to come about. So, overall I think it was a positive day for a lot of the riders yesterday, but it’s only going to matter at the first race in South Africa which is in a few weeks. Already. John and I talked about going to Cape Town after the race. We’ve been saying it for the last two years, so we might as well do it this time around before going to Jerez, since we’re nearly there anyway.

It’s still early in the day as I write this, but I’m not sure if I\'ll find time to write anything later. Things can happen within the next few hours but I truly doubt it. Well now it’s time to pack the crates for the fly away race. I’ll write when I get home back in San Diego this weekend and then from Welkom, South Africa.

Bye for now.