Colin Lynch organising Paeroa BOTS

Posted: Tue 16 Feb 1999

The \'Battle of the Streets\' series is now in its third season and is already showing improving outcomes. There is greater rider participation and greater numbers of spectators attending each meeting. Sponsors are recognising that the series is \'serious\' and are coming on board for a small slice of the action. The closeness of the action and the personal, friendly atmosphere of the meetings results in a street meeting as the place to be in terms of direct contact with riders and officials on the day.

Just as important as that fact is the emphasis on continuing improvements, particularly in safety, safety resources and trained personnel. Street racing is not common through-out the rest of the world so this unique feature of NZ Motor Sports has to be nutured carefully if it wishes to continue to exist. Street racing is banned in most countries because of the potential for accidents. Accidents cannot be prevented but they can be dealt with in a swift and efficent manner. That is an objective of the BOTS Advisory Group.

So, come to Paeroa this weekend and see it all in action as New Zealands hottest road riders battle it out at New Zealands most spectacular road circuit.