Offlimits Tussock Adventure

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Road - Social Adventure Ride


When: Saturday, 6th January 2018
Where: Waiouru Army Training Area
District: Ruapehu
Classes: - Big bike and pillion rider friendly- these will travel only on gravel roads
- Smaller bikes with knobbly/adventure tyres- these will travel a mixture of gravel and smooth flowing tank tracks.

The route will vary depending upon the group you choose to ride in.

Anticipated distance will be a maximum of 200km. You will visit within the training area the military airfield, urban fighting village, Lake Moawhango including the dam and power station, the Kaimanawa horse herds, multiple military installations and shooting ranges, Moawhango River, military huts and much more.

Regardless of the group you choose, the scenery is unique. You will travel from lush green grasslands (many Kaimanawa wild horses are here) through thousands of hectares of tussock to bare rocky slopes at approximately 1300m.

There are fantastic photographic opportunities along the way and you are able to stop and take photos. However, you will be in an active military training area so some things cannot be photographed. You will be advised of these.

Organiser: Offlimits
Starts at: 8:00am
Other details:

TUSSOCK ADVENTURE is a one day guided adventure bike ride that travels through the 63,000 ha Waiouru Military Training Area. This is a unique opportunity to spend a full day riding where few ever get the opportunity in their life-times to go.

What sort of bike is recommended?

This is a leisurely adventure bike ride. Military rules dictate slow speeds on the gravel roads so almost any motorbike will be suitable – other than dirt bikes and high performance street bikes. The different groups will cater for big and small bikes, pillion or non-pillion, adventure tyres or knobblies. You do not have to be a competent gravel road rider to be able to handle the military roads- they are all fantastic.

We are traveling on a mixture of private and public roads so current motorbike registration is required. All bikes must be in a safe condition. The Organisers reserve the right to eliminate any unsafe or poorly maintained Bikes

How to register

Entry fee is only $60. Follow the instructions to register. The number of entries will be restricted to 150 Bikes. Early registration will avoid disappointment.

In the unlikely event of registrations not reaching the maximum cut off number by Jan 2nd 2018. A limited number of ‘On the Day’ registrations will be accepted. The entry fee is $80 and payable by cash only

We must have your motorbike registration plate number and rider name to get you past the security checkpoint.

Visit OffLimits Tussock Adventure for registration and more information.