Mini Motorbike Fun Trail Day

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Offroad/Trail Trail Ride


When: Sunday, 19th January 2014
Where: Reg & Trace Davey's place, State H'way 4, Ongarue
District: South Waikato

About 2 km past Ohura t/off, LH side big house on hill

Chanelle Ph:
Sign in from: 9:00am
Starts at: 9:30am
Other details:

Run by the Mini Motocross Group (& Community Notices)

This event will start with a guided trail ride to show course, then can ride course at own pace, aimed at increasing the skills of our junior riders over natural terrain with adults accompanying….

$10 donation per bike - so if you want to share bikes (kids or parents) then you can as the bike will get a sticker

This trail ride is open to EVERYONE that is accompanied by children and all children need to be accompanied by their own adult for the ride. It is over reasonably easy terrain - this is an opportunity to introduce kids to trail riding without the experts / motocrossers zipping past and scaring the young ones.... and in an environment where the adults and other young riders are used to stopping and helping with any incidents or issues.

There is a more senior loop available depending on the weather which we will open after the first morning stint.

Parents & supporters please need to bring along bikes too so you can accompany your children as they go around the trail.

Riding starting from 9.30am till 12.30

Non-competitive riding day to practice skills and riding against other peers. Must have helmet and boots (GUMBOOTS are enough).

Please promote if you can for us, and let your friends know too. Thanks.

Any queries give me a call on 07 8966 599 after 6.30pm.