NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial Weekend

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Offroad/Trail Trials


When: Saturday, 15th - Sunday, 16th February 2014
Where: NonStop Trials Park, 88 Valley Road, Wakefield, Nelson
District: Nelson

Held at the NonStop Trials Park, 88 Valley Road, Wakefield, Nelson, commencing at 9am each day.

NonStop team Ph: 03 5451053
Starts at: 9:00am
Other details:
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» 2013 Poster pdf for download «

Day Two Saturday 15th February; -(am) The NZ NonStop Trial (A conventional trial running nonstop rules)

In 2012 NonStop introduced a system of 5 grades (colours) and 17 classes which gives every rider the opportunity to choose a class that is just right for them to ride.

The 5 grades are the same as those used on Day 3 for the NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial - Red, Yellow, Green, Blue & White, but for the NonStop Trial competition on Day 2 there are a choice of one of several classes within each grade.

Red - Top Guns (Pro) or Future Champions (Under 19) or Masters 35+

Yellow - Sport or Junior (Under 15) or Masters 45+

Green - Pursuit or Masters 55+ or Twin Shock or Post Classic Air Cooled Mono Shock Disc or Drum.

Blue - Recreation or Cadet (Under 9) or Vet 65+ or Pre 65

White - Social or Vet 70+

Womens - This class is for women of any age riding any colour. The woman riding the most difficult colour and highest placing within that colour takes out the top placing in the womens grade. It is possible for women riders to win two trophies!

Following a BBQ lunch, giving you a good opportunity to catch up with old friends, there will be a choice of options - a half-day Coached Section riding session, a guided trail ride for a sneak preview of some of the Ihatove Trail, Socialising or Free time.

Saturday 15th February - pm : Social evening.

This is held at Club Waimea, Richmond. Restaurant & Bar available. Time to socialise, meet special guests and see video footage of the day's riding.

Day Three Sunday 16th February - The NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial,
Two separate spectacular scenic loops over the two properties of Punawai and Hunts Farms (taking up to 2 hrs, with multiple on-route sections per loop)

5 lines - Red, Yellow, Green, Blue & White.

Due to the interest from the Classic trials fraternity this event will be classic-friendly, bringing all riders together for a fun and challenging ride.

Some of the sections used during the NonStop Trial will be incorporated in day three.

Grades The NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial consists of five grades, providing challenge and fun for riders of all levels.

As an adventure weekend this privately run event caters for a large diversity of riders and no licence is required.

Red This grade is for experienced intermediate and A-grade riders.

Yellow The sections in this class have an easy, flowing portion followed by a series of more challenging obstacles. This grade is suitable for president/ clubman A/ & intermediate riders.

Green These sections are pitched at a level between Sport & Recreation which NonStop like to call Pursuit and are also suitable for Classic A+ riders.

Blue This grade is aimed at clubman and Classic A riders.

White This grade is for social and classic B riders (including twin-shock).

Scoring Scoring is in accordance with the Ihatove scoring system using the NonStop rule (i.e. 5-point penalty for stopping in a section) and possible scores of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (i.e. 4-point penalty for four or more dabs). Since the NonStop rule applies, the key challenge is not so much the size of the obstacles as the need to ride them all in a smooth, flowing style without halting. The 1/2/3/4/5 scoring system reduces the number of tied scores at the end of the day.

Format Riders leave in groups of three at intervals from the start of two separate loops. This ensures a constant flow of riders through the sections and minimizes queuing, while giving maximum spectator viewing.

There are two large loops, taking up to a maximum of two hours each. Riders are not timed on the trail portion of each loop, but there are sections along the route where you record each others scores. In the last part of each loop, riders return to the control area and ride a series of observed sections. Refreshments are available at the control area. All riders complete both loops.
This event attracts spectators at the control area which is why both loops start and finish in this area and include spectator friendly sections.

Sports Tourism The inaugural 2010 NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial was very well received with premium coverage in NZ, Japanese, English, French & Italian trials magazines. As a sports tourism event it is also supported by the local Tasman District Council and a draw card for international participants.