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Boundary Buster

NTB Racing
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Offroad/Trail Trail Ride


When: Saturday, 14th - Sunday, 15th December 2013
Where: Waiouru
District: Ruapehu
Classes: - Not suitable for riders under 15 years or for quads
Organiser: Offlimits
David Greenslade
Other details:

BOUNDARY BUSTER is a unique two day guided trail ride that covers the entire boundary of the 63,000 ha Waiouru military training area.

Army barrack accomodation provided plus all meals supplied.

Fuel, water and additional items are delivered to multiple refuel sites each day.

Numbers strictly limited.

Riders will be divided into four groups depending upon skill, riding speed and fitness.

Saturday is 180km - 190km and Sunday is 120km.

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