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Contact Information

Phone 021 New Rider. (021 639743)

Ph 09 4165866

P.O.Box 12608 Penrose Auckland

Email: ridesafe@silver-bullet.co.nz

Who are we

RideSafe was formed in 1984 and incorporated the Matchless Motorcycle Riding School of South Auckland.

RideSafe aim their training expertise at the new motorcyclist. Courses provide specialised tuition in riding and crash prevention skills.

RideSafe has an LTSA approved instructor.

Getting a Motorcycle licence in NZ: 

Anyone over the age of 15 can begin the licensing process. The licence system is controlled and operated by the Automobile Association.

Before you approach the AA you will need to pass your Basic Skill and handling test. Once you have this you go to the AA to sit your theory test.

Copies of the test are in the back of the "The Official New Zealand Road Code and Licence Guide for Motorcyclists"

If your motorcycle licence is your first licence you will need to pass an eyesight test.

You have to hold your learner's licence for 6 months before applying for your restricted licence.
The next step is to pass your practical test to get your restricted motorcycle licence. This is a test on the road followed by a testing officer. You must have a motorcycle with a current WOF and registration, and have your learners licence with you to do the test. (All three will be checked before commencement of the test).

If you are under 25 years of age, you can apply for your full licence once you have held a restricted licence for 18 months. This time can be reduced to 12 months if you have completed a driving course approved by the Director of Land Transport Safety; and you began the course no less than 6 months after receiving your restricted licence. (Ask the AA for course details)

If you are aged 25 or over, you can apply for your full licence once you have held a restricted licence for 6 months. This time can be reduced to 3 months if you have completed a driving course approved by the Director of Land Transport Safety.

No matter how old you are, you must go through all three stages to get a full motorcycle licence.

This is a very brief summary of how to get a motorcycle licence - for more information you will need a copy of The Official New Zealand Road Code and Licence Guide for Motorcyclists. 

What you need to know.

RideSafe conducts the Basic Skills and Handling Certificate test required before obtaining a motorcycle licence in New Zealand.

These tests are done on Sunday afternoons. We do not work on long weekends.

This test includes slalom through cones, a slow ride, braking tests, and a corner, including braking in the corner.

We can provide a motorcycle, and helmet & helmut & gloves if required.

You MUST bring with you - your Drivers licence or other photo ID such as Student ID card - (must be In English) - Passport, or Birth Certificate and a signature verification card such as Bank card.

If you can ride:

Allow a couple of hours to do this test even if you can already ride. You will need some time to get familiar

with our motorcycle and may need a little instruction to assist you to get through the test.

Basic Skills test fee $60.00 includes m/c use.

If you have never ridden:

If you have never ridden before, you will need instruction to enable you to use the controls on the motorcycle etc. In these circumstances we offer elementary courses. It may take up to four hours to get you up to the standard required to pass the test. All people assimilate information at a different rate.

RideSafe Elementary courses cover,


Riding tuition is charged at $35.00 per hour (includes m/c use) plus Basic skills test $60.00 includes m/c use.

RideSafe thanks bikers:

RideSafe wishes to thank all those riders from various parts of the North Island who attended the two RideSafe 350 fundraising events. Special thanks to those members of the Rusty Nuts M/c who gave their time to assist. We also thank the sponsors of those events who gave prize donations.

Belray oil, Kiwi Rider, Scooter e' Motion, Sulco Tools, Kawasaki, Red Baron motorcycles, Hamilton Motorcycle  Centre, Cycle Tranz, Dermagraphic Tattoo Studios, Shaft Motorcycles. Theo Meyers Badgemakers, Motorcycle Dataplace Magazine, NZ Motorcycle Trader & News, Coleman's Suzuki,

Hickson Motors Matamata, Blue Wing Honda, Mainly Motorcycles (Hamilton) Custom M/c Painters, BRONZ & JiM.

Money raised from these four events enabled us to get our tow vehicle, obtain a new motorcycle, and new full face helmets, and keep up maintainence on school gear.

There is also a huge thank you to Ron for setting out the run, and checking mileage's etc. With out Ron the runs could not have taken place.

We wish to extend our thanks also to Triumph NZ, & Motohaus Tyres.

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